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Dams of Three Classic Winners

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You made have read recently that Chicquita (b.f. 2010, by Monjeu ex Prudenzia by Dansili), winner of the 2013 Darley Irish Oaks, was sold at Goffs sales in Ireland for E6,000,000. A staggering figure, which may never be recuperated by the buyers. However, let’s hope they enjoy the forthcoming foals and their success, both in the sale ring and on the racecourse.

Nevertheless, there have been seven mares who certainly repaid their owners and I have listed these and their Classic winners in the table below. 

  Dams of Three Classic Winners

 Only seven mares have produced three Classic winners. And when Scintillate won the Oaks in 1979, her dam Set Free was the first mare to produce three Classic winners for 100 years.



Dam                                                                       Classic winning produce

Penelope  (b. 1798 by Trumpator)               Whalebone (by Waxy) 1810 Derby

                                                                      Whisker (by Waxy) 1815 Derby

                                                                      Whizgig (by Rubens) 1822 1000 Gns


Pope Joan (b. 1809 by Waxy)                       Tontine (by Election) 1825 1000 Gns

                                                                       Turcoman (by Selim) 1827 2000 Gns

                                                                       Turquoise (by Selim) 1828 Oaks


Filagree (ch. 1815 by Soothsayer)                 Cobweb by (Phantom) 1824 1000 Gns & Oaks

                                                                        Charlotte West (by Tramp) 1830 1000 Gns

                                                                        Riddlesworth (by Emilius) 1831 2000 Gns


Rubens Mare (ch. 1819)                               May-day (by Lamplighter) 1834 1000 Gns

                                                                        Phosphorus (by Lamplighter) 1837 Derby

                                                                        Firebrand (by Lamplighter) 1842 1000 Gns


Cobweb (b. 1821 by Phantom)                       Bay Middleton (by Sultan) 1836 2000 Gns & Derby

                                                                        Achmet (by Sultan) 1837 2000 Gns       

                                                                        Clementina (by Venison) 1847 1000 Gns


Araucaria (b. 1862 by Ambrose)                   Camelia (by Macaroni) 1876 1000 Gns & d-h Oaks  

                                                                        Chamant (by Mortemer) 1877 2000 Gns

                                                                         Rayon d’Or (by Flageolet) 1879 St Leger


Set Free (b. 1964 by Worden)                        Juliette Marny (by Blakeney) 1975 Oaks

                                                                         Julio Mariner (by Blakeney) 1978 St Leger

                                                                         Scintillate (by Sparkler) 1979 Oaks